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1Thai Style Prawn CrackersMade with potato flour & flavoured with prawns, served with sweet chilli sauce£2.95
2 Pho Pia Todd (V)Deep fried vegetables spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce£4.95
3Satay GaiGrilled marinated chicken on bamboo skewers, served with peanuts sauce£5.95
4Goong Hom PhaPrawn wrapped in pastry, deep-fried and served with sweet chilli sauce£5.95
5Goong PaoChar-grilled marinated Giant prawns served with Thai special sauce£9.95
6Kanom Pang Na GoongDeep fried minced prawn on toast topped with sesame seeds£5.95
7Peek Kai ToddDeep fried chicken wings marinated with chilli sauce & sweet dark soy sauce£5.25
8Poh Pia PedDeep fried shredded duck spring rolls served with sweet sauce£5.95
9Satay GoongGrilled marinated prawns on bamboo skewers served with peanut sauce£5.95
10Mixed Starter (for 2)A selection of shredded duck spring rolls, satay chicken, prawn spring rolls, chicken wing, prawn on toast & prawn crackers £11.00
NewKanom JeebThai style steamed minced pork & shrimp with water chestnut served with sweet dark soy sauce£5.95
NewPapaya Pok Pok (Som Tum)Green papaya with chilli, long bean, tomatoes, lemon juice, palm sugar & fish sauce. Please let us know how spicy? Medium spicy, Spicy or Very spicy.£6.95
11Tom Yum GoongHot & sour soup (lemon juice, chilli & fish sauce) with Prawns, mushroom, lime leaves & lemon grass£4.95
12Tom Kha GaiCreamy hot & sour soup (lemon juice, chilli & fish sauce) with coconut milk, galangal and Chicken£4.95
13Poh TakTraditional spicy mixed seafood soup with (lemon juice & fish sauce)lemongrass, chilli & lime leaves£5.95
Main (mild)
14Nam Man HoiStir fried oyster sauce with mushrooms, spring onion and pepperChicken/Beef/Pork £6.95
15Priew WanStir fried with sweet & sour sauce, pineapple, cucumber, tomatoes and onionsChicken/Beef/Pork£6.95
16Phad KhingStir fried with ginger, onions, mushrooms and spring onionsChicken/Beef/Pork£6.95
17Phad HedStir fried with mushroomsChicken/Beef/Pork£6.95
18Kratiam Prik TaiStir fried with garlic and pepperChicken/Beef/Pork£6.95
Prawns/Duck/ Giant Prawns£7.95 £10.95
19Ped Nam Man HoiStir fried duck in oyster sauce with onions and spring onions£7.95
20Ped Ma KamSlices of roasted duck fillet coated with flour, topped with tamarind sauce, served on a bed of iceberg lettuce£7.95
21MassamanA traditional massaman curry slowly cooked with onions, new potatoes & coconut milkChicken/Beef/Pork£6.95
22Pla Priew WanWhole Trout deep fried topped with pineapple, onions, cucumber, tomatoes in a sweet & sour sauce(may contain some bones)£10.95
Main - Medium Spicy
23Phad Med MamuangStir fried with cashew nuts, pineapple and garnished with roasted chilliChicken/Beef/Pork£6.95
24Phad Prik Tai OnnStir fried with peppercornsChicken/Beef/Pork£6.95
25Kang Kiew WanGreen curry served with fresh chilli, lime leaves & bamboo shootChicken/Beef/Pork£6.95
26Kang DangRed curry served with fresh chilli, lime leaves & bamboo shootsChicken/Beef/Pork£6.95
27Kang Phed Ped YangA red curry cooked with roasted duck, tomatoes, pineapple in coconut milk & Thai herbs£7.95
28Ped Nam Prik PaoStir fried duck cooked with sweet chilli paste, cashew nuts, onions and Thai herbs£7.95
29Ped Rad PrikStir fried duck with fresh chilli, ginger and spring onions£7.95
30Goong Phad Nam Prik PaoPrawns cooked with sweet chilli paste, onions, cashew nuts and Thai herbs£7.95
31Kam Som GoongPrawns in a sour curry with vegetables - a traditional dish from central Thailand£7.95
32Pla Samun PhaiDeep fried whole Trout(May contains some bones)topped with lemongrass, kra chai, lime leaves & shallots in a sweet chilli paste£10.95
33Gang Panang GoongDry curry cooked with Giant Prawns in coconut milk garnished with Lime leaves£10.95
34Pla Choo CheeDeep fried Whole Trout topped with red curry sauce, lime leaves and garnished with fresh chilli(May contains some bones)£10.95
Main Very Spicy 35Kha PaowA traditional dish stir-fried with fresh chilli, green beans and basil leavesChicken/Beef/Pork£6.95
36Phad Kee MowA famous Thai dish, stir fried with fresh chilliChicken/Beef/Pork£6.95
37Kang PaJungle curry cooked with young peppercorns, bamboo shoots and Thai herbsChicken/Beef/Pork£6.95
38Phad PhedStir fired with fresh chilli, onions and spring onionsChicken/Beef/Pork£6.95
39Yum NuaChar grilled beef, thinly sliced with lemon juice, fish sauce chilli served on top of fresh salad £6.95
40Talay Phad ChaSeafood spicy stir fried with wild ginger(kra-chai), peppercorns & Thai herbs£9.95
41Goong Yai Phad PhedStir fried Giant prawns with fresh chilli & garlic£10.95
42Sua Rong HaiFamous traditional Thai dish grilled marinated Beef served with chilli dressing on a side£9.95
43Pla Rad PrikA crispy Whole Trout topped with chilli, garlic and Thai herbs(May contain some bones)£10.95
NewPed Phad Prik HaangStir fried Duck with dried crushed chillies, garlic, bamboo shoots & basil leaves£7.95
44Steamed Thai Jasmine Rice£3.25
45Egg Fried RiceFried rice with egg & soy sauce£3.25
46Coconut RiceSteamed rice with coconut milk topped with sesame seeds£3.25
47Plain NoodlesFried rice noodles with soy sauce£3.25
48Mixed vegetables with Oyster Sauce£3.95
49 Bean sprouts with Oyster sauce £3.95
NewGarlic Rice£3.25
NewSticky Rice (Glutinous rice) £3.25
50Phad ThaiFamous Thai style fried thin rice noodles with bean sprouts, egg and tamarind sauce with a side of roasted peanutChicken/Pork£7.95
51Guay Tiew Phad Kee MaoSpicy fried thick rice noodles with fresh chilli and vegetablesChicken/Beef/Pork£7.95
52Phad See Eiw Stir fried thick rice noodles with egg, mixed vegetables, soy sauce & sweet dark soy sauceChicken/Beef/Pork£7.95


Rice Specials
53Khao Phad Rot Fai MuFried rice with pork, tomatoes, onions, soy sauce and egg£7.95
54Khao Phad KungThai style egg fried rice with Prawns and mixed vegetables flavoured with soy sauce£7.95
55Khao Phad Sab Pa RodSpecial fried rice with pineapple Chicken & Prawn, egg and vegetables£7.95
Vegetarian Main Courses
60Phad Khing PakStir fried mixed vegetables with ginger£6.25
61Phad Priew Wan PakStir fried sweet & sour sauce mixed with vegetables, pineapple, cucumber, tomatoes and onions£6.25
62Phad Med Ma Muang PakStir fried mixed vegetables with cashew nuts, pineapples & onions topped with roasted chillis£6.25
63Kang Kiew Wan Tao HuGreen curry cooked in coconut milk with bean curd, mixed vegetables, basil leaves & bamboo shoots£6.95
64Kang Som PakHot & sour curry with mixed vegetables - this is a traditional dish in Central Thailand£6.25
65Kang Dang Tao HuRed curry cooked in coconut milk with bean curd. mixed vegetables, basil leaves & bamboo shoots£6.95
66Phad Thai Tao HuFamous Thai style fried rice noodles with bean curd, bean sprouts and egg served with roasted peanut £6.95
67Khao Phad Pak Fried rice with mixed vegetables and egg£6.95
68Guay Tiew Phad Kee Mau Tao HuStir fried thick rice noodle with chilli, garlic, beancurd, vegetables & basil leaves£6.95